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The 2014 PhotoHunt List is Live!

The 2014 PhotoHunt List has been posted!  Click on “2014 List” in the above header or click HERE to view the list.

This year we will also be posting sighting and hints for locations of PhotoHunt costumes.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram for those updates!  You can also go ahead and join our 2014 Flickr Group so that your photos can be posted once the Con has finished.  Please make sure to read all of the contest rules and FAQs for submitting pictures so there is no confusion.

Best of luck to everyone!  Only eight days left and the contest will begin!!!


2013 List Has Been Started!

Getting excited about this years Dragon*Con?! We are for sure!

We have started putting the list together for this years photo hunt and updated a few resources for you. The 2013 Flickr group has been created, you can join now! Click Here

Have any great ideas for us? Send us an email or via Twitter! @dc2013photohunt

Only 120 days left….who has a costume already? Not me….