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501st Legion 2014 Prize Pack!

Check out the awesome Prize Pack that the Grand Prize Winner will be receiving from the 501st Legion!! Most of these items are no longer available, even to 501st Legion members, so these are some super exclusive items!

2014 501st Prize PackThe pack includes:

* 501st Central California Garrison ballcap
* Set of six “Imperial Training Targets” (2x each Ewok, Jar Jar, Jawa)
* 1 Star Wars Celebration VI Blast-A-Trooper embroidered patch
* 1 501st Japanese Garrison button
* 1 501st Blizzard Force Detachment decal
* 2 501st Terror Australis Garrison temporary tattoos
* 1 complete set of Series 10 501st trading cards
* 1 Droid Hunt laminated badge from Dragon*Con 2004
* 1 Droid Hunt “Jedi Mind Trick” card from Dragon*Con 2004
* 1 set of 4 Star Wars Celebration VI Droid Hunt badges
* 2 501st Legion 2010 Holiday greeting cards