Rules, Info, and Prizes

This contest is not officially associated with the DragonCon convention. Please don’t sue us, DragonCon!  We love you!

These rules have been updated for the 5th Annual DragonCon Photo Hunt, 2014. Be sure to check Twitter (@DC2014PhotoHunt), our Facebook Page and the blog often for updates.

Submitting Photos

Post all submissions to our Flickr group: DC 2014 Photo Hunt

When using the Flickr website, first join our Flickr group. Next, navigate to the photo you want to add to the group, click on the Actions drop-down menu above the photo, and select Add to / Remove from a group. This brings up a dialogue box allowing you to select the DC 2014 Photo Hunt group from your list of groups.

Please note:

  • All of your submissions must be sent from the same Flickr account to be counted together.
  • To be counted as a submission, tag each of your photos with the number of the item on the list that the photo satisfies.
    Example: a picture of Groot should include the tag “23”
  • To fulfill the requirements of an item on the photo hunt list, the image should be a single photo, actually taken at this year’s convention. No cheating with photo editing software!
    Example: “Finn & Fionna” = a single photo of two appropriately costumed people standing next to each other (not two separate photos pasted together)
  • You MAY submit more than one photo for each item on the list. You won’t get extra points for quantity, but it may help you with ‘quality.’

About the scoring: Scoring is based primarily on quantity of list items satisfied (not total number of photos). Partial credit is awarded for photos that meet some requirements but not all (i.e. 3 Guardians of the Galaxy instead of 4).

Winners & Prizes

The deadline for photo submissions will be: Monday, September 15th at 11:59PM PST

Winners of the contest will be announced about 1-2 weeks after the deadline. It will be up to the discretion of the judges to determine the winners. Winners will also be required to provide name and contact information so we an send you instructions on how to receive your prizes!  Please note that the list of prizes is subject to change and a finalized list will be published roughly one week before the con.

2nd Runner Up:

Certificate for a T-shirt from OffWorld Designs
2nd Runner Up Custom PhotoHunt Leather Lanyard

1st Runner Up:

Certificate for a T-shirt from OffWorld Designs
1st Runner Up Custom PhotoHunt Leather Lanyard
X-O Manowar Vol.1 Trade Paperback

Grand Prize Winner:

501st Legion Merchandise Prize Pack
Grand Prize Winner Custom PhotoHunt Leather Lanyard
Logo T-shirt from The More You Nerd
Certificate for a T-shirt from OffWorld Designs
Archer & Armstrong Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
XO Manowar #1 Pullbox Variant

*501st Legion Merchandise Prize Pack Includes;
501st Central California Garrison ballcap
Set of six “Imperial Training Targets” (2x each Ewok, Jar Jar, Jawa)
1 Star Wars Celebration VI Blast-A-Trooper embroidered patch
1 501st Japanese Garrison button
1 501st Blizzard Force Detachment decal
2 501st Terror Australis Garrison temporary tattoos
1 complete set of Series 10 501st trading cards
1 Droid Hunt laminated badge from Dragon*Con 2004
1 Droid Hunt “Jedi Mind Trick” card from Dragon*Con 2004
1 set of 4 Star Wars Celebration VI Droid Hunt badges
2 501st Legion 2010 Holiday greeting cards
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