2014 List Is Almost Complete!

Getting excited about this year’s DragonCon?! We are for sure!

We are almost done putting the list together for this years photo hunt and have also updated a few resources for you. The 2014 Flickr group has been created, you can join now!  Click Here

New for 2014, we have created an Instagram account.  This will be a great tool for you hunters that may have problems finding things on our list.  Clues and sightings will be posted throughout the con, so be sure to follow us HERE to get an edge on the competition! 

Have any great ideas for us? Send us an email or via Twitter! @dc2014photohunt

Only 34 days left….Charge those batteries and clean those memory cards and get those cameras ready!!!


2013 Photo Hunt Winners!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our 4th year running photo hunt contest! We hope you enjoyed it, we certainly had fun!

We are super grateful for having some con related vendors to sponsor the prizes for this year too, it was great to link up with them and have their support.

This years amazing prize line up:

And now *drum roll please* here are your…

2013 DragonCon Photo Hunt Winners

Grand Prize Winner: dancererica


1st Runner-Up: horsewhisperer2


2nd Runner-Up: Jim the Pirate



Congratulations to our winners! We hope to see you again next year!

– DCPH Team

Goodbye, Dragon Con 2013!

We hope everyone had a great time at Dragon Con this year, we all did for sure! We also hope everyone enjoyed the photo hunt this year and got some really fun pictures!

Reminder that the deadline for submissions to the Flickr Photo Pool will be Monday 9/16 at 11:59PM PST. If you have questions about submitting photos please let us know prior to the deadline.

We want to thank our awesome sponsors again for making prizes possible this year!  OffWorld Designs, The More You Nerd501st Legion and Galaxy Press, thank you again for your support for our photo hunt!

Prizes will be announced as soon as we can finish judging all the photos and we will update as we get closer to finalizing the winners!

Thanks and good luck!


DragonCon 2013 Has Begun!

It’s Thursday and you all know what that means! Registration Day! We got through the line in about 30-40 minutes too!

Flyers have been laid out on tables for those that like the paper variety. We have more and will be roaming around the con with them. Look for us we are wearing white DC Photo Hunt buttons!


Also we have some stickers to hand out if you find us during the con. We will try and tweet panels we are going to so we are somewhat easy to find 🙂

If you see a great photo op from the list send us a tweet @DC2013PhotoHunt and use the hashtag #dcphotohunt and we will RT them!

Make sure to check out the tables for our sponsors too in the new AmericasMart dealer rooms!

Hope everyone has a great con! Let the Photo Hunt begin!!

@501stLegion Prize Pack!

Check out the awesome Prize Pack that the winner will be receiving from the 501st Legion!! Most of these items are no longer available, even to 501st Legion members, so these are some super exclusive items!


The pack includes:

*1x Japanese Garrison embroidered patch
*1x Bast Alpha Garrison 501st Mardi Gras bead necklace
*1x Autographed Richard LeParmentier Honorary Member trading card
*1x Jabba On Board decal
*4x 501st Celebration VI Droid Hunt badges (complete set)
*2x 501st Dragon*Con 2004 Droid Hunt badges (one laminated, one unlaminated) from the very first Droid Hunt
*1x 501st Droid Hunt Jedi Mind Trick Card
*4x Midwest Garrison temporary tattoos
*1x Gateway Series 4 trading cards (complete set)
*1x Gateway Series 5 trading cards (complete set)

This Years Photo Hunt Prizes!

We are super excited to announce the prizes for this years photo hunt!

Huge thanks to our sponsors OffWorld Designs, 501st Legion & The More You Nerd for providing our prizes for this year, we greatly appreciate your support and look forward to a fun con!

The deadline for photo submissions to the Flickr Pool will be: Monday, September 16th at 11:59PM PST

Winners of the contest will be announced about 1-2 weeks after the deadline. It will be up to the discretion of the judges to determine the winners. Winners will also be required to provide name and contact information so we an send you instructions on how to receive your prizes!


2013 List Has Been Started!

Getting excited about this years Dragon*Con?! We are for sure!

We have started putting the list together for this years photo hunt and updated a few resources for you. The 2013 Flickr group has been created, you can join now! Click Here

Have any great ideas for us? Send us an email or via Twitter! @dc2013photohunt

Only 120 days left….who has a costume already? Not me….