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Judging is Underway…

The deadline for the Dragon*Con 2011 Photo Scavenger Hunt has passed, and we are currently reviewing the entries. We’ll announce the winners as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the blog and Twitter for updates on our progress.

Looks like we have some great contestants this year — be sure to check out some of the great shots people got!

Here’s one of the most impressive shots I’ve come across so far. Magneto with Gandalf, spotted by Star Wars Fever! Nicely done!

#39 - Magneto with Gandalf


Winner of the 2010 Photo Hunt

Congratulations to Vatavian, the winner of the 2010 Dragon*Con Photo Hunt!

It was a really close race this year — lots of really great contestants and submissions! We hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did and that you’ll plan to participate again next year. Be sure to send us your ideas and suggestions so we can make next year even more of a success!

Remember that this contest is ultimately about having fun at the convention, and maybe even seeing it in a new light. Vatavian himself* noted on our Flickr page, “I had given up taking photos at D*C because all the possible photos to take were just too overwhelming. This list gave me a reason to try bringing a camera again, this time with a more focused mission than the impossible ‘take a picture of everything interesting.’…I [also] learned more about several aspects of D*C and fandom as I tried to track down photos.”

Here is one of Vatavian’s most impressive finds — a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender with a character from James Cameron’s Avatar!

23. A character from James Camerons Avatar with a character from Avatar the Last Airbender

Congratulations again to all the contestants, and see you again next year!

*This played no part in making him the winner. Sucking up will do you no good. 🙂

It’s a-me, little Mario!

Such a cute little one! He probably grew up with the Wii Mario, not the good stuff from back in the day… but we’ll cut him some slack because he’s so full of adorableness! Submitted by lianat.


Complete with themed lunchboxes!

Love this picture! It was Vatavian‘s submission for #13: People eating in costume at a local restaurant. I love that Daphne and Velma have their handy-dandy Scooby Doo themed lunchboxes with them! 🙂

13. People eating in costume at a local restaurant


Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! We’re currently in the process of scoring… Don’t worry — we have specific scoring guidelines and a spreadsheet organized for maximum fairness. 🙂

I’m having SO much fun going through all the submissions. Y’all got some great photos!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures so far…
42 A Spartan from Halo with a Spartan from 300

Captured by RoxyRady — VERY impressive! I kept seeing Halo Spartans on one side of the Marriott lobby and 300 Spartans on the other side… but never together. Great shot, too! They even match — lol!

We’ll keep highlighting our favorites as we come across them. Have you looked through your fellow contestants’ photos yet? Have any favorites from the contest? Tell us in the comments!