2014 Photo Hunt List

Also available as a Google Doc & Printable Excel Checklist

Around the Con
1. Yourself with your Badge
2. Bottle Bob mascot from the Southeastern Browncoats Booth [1]
3. Someone with a Lifetime Badge
4. Someone who has given blood at the Blood Drive
5. 4 people Twerking in line
6. Someone with an anime tattoo
7. Yourself in front of a TARDIS
8. Selfie with a Celebrity Guest
9. Someone Photo bombing [a]Cosplayer(s)
10. Something that Levitates/Floats
11. You with the official DragonCon Tie Dye T-shirt from OffWorld Designs Booth [2]
12. You Fist-bumping any 501st Dark Side/Imperial Star Wars character
13. You with a Baby DragonCon Dragon Whelp (Red or Green) [3]

Single Costumes
14. A Valiant Comics character
15. Princess Leia Crossplay
16. The 12th Doctor
17. The Winter Soldier
18. a Sharknado
19. Zombie Crossover Costume Character
20. Pet in Costume
21. Steampunk Superhero
22. Groot
23. Maleficent
24. Chell
25. Lego Costume
26. Oberyn Martell
27. Divergent Character
28. Hei from Darker than Black
29. Any Robin Williams Character Cosplay
30. ABC Costume (Anything But Clothes), i.e. duct tape, balloons, body paint, etc.

Group Costumes
31. Captain Malcolm Reynolds with Captain Hammer
32. 5 Game Of Thrones Characters Including 1 Stark & 1 Lannister
33. 4 Guardians of the Galaxy
34. 3 Katniss Everdeen’s in 3 different costumes
35. 3 Characters from the Walking Dead
36. Human Cylon & Centurion Cylon
37. Finn & Fionna
38. Elsa and Anna
39. 3 HALO Spartans
40. 2 of the same Comic Characters in Different Costumes
41. 4 Nintendo Characters
42. 3 Klingons doing “Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil”

[1] – The Southeastern Browncoats vendor booth #’s 1000, 1002, 1004, 1006
[2] – The OffWorld Designs vendor booth #’s 1C – 4C
[3] – Look out for our Red or Green Baby Dragon Whelps that have PhotoHunt Buttons;

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon - Red











Q: “I couldn’t find Captain Malcom Reynolds near Captain Hammer, but I found them separately. Can I paste the two images together and have them count for #31?”

A: No. Remember: Each submission must be a single photo containing all of the subjects listed in the item. No photoshopping two separate images together to fulfill the requirements of a single item on the list.

Q: “Can I use photos from past DragonCons?”

A: No. All photos for the 2014 photo hunt must have been taken at DragonCon 2014.

Q: “Can it be 2/4/3/5 ‘or more’ Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones Characters, etc.?”

A: Absolutely! The more the merrier! … but extra credit will not be awarded.

Q: “Can I use a single photo for two items? For example, a pet in costume that also floats for both #10 & #20?”

A: No. Please limit one item per photo. You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding both items separately, and you can decide which item each photo counts

Q: “Help!  I can’t find the red or green Baby Dragons!”

A: Follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram for sightings of the Baby Dragon Whelps.  They will normally be riding on our shoulders.  We will also be posting sightings and clues of other costumes needed for the hunt.

Send us your ideas for next year’s list!



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