Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! We’re currently in the process of scoring… Don’t worry — we have specific scoring guidelines and a spreadsheet organized for maximum fairness. 🙂

I’m having SO much fun going through all the submissions. Y’all got some great photos!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures so far…
42 A Spartan from Halo with a Spartan from 300

Captured by RoxyRady — VERY impressive! I kept seeing Halo Spartans on one side of the Marriott lobby and 300 Spartans on the other side… but never together. Great shot, too! They even match — lol!

We’ll keep highlighting our favorites as we come across them. Have you looked through your fellow contestants’ photos yet? Have any favorites from the contest? Tell us in the comments!


About dcphotohunt

Welcome to the Dragon*Con Photo Hunt! On our blog, you'll find the rules, list, submission instructions, and prize information. You can also browse submitted photos and see highlights from the contest, updated throughout and after the convention. Take a peek and consider participating in the first annual Dragon*Con Photo Hunt!

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