5 Days to Dragon*Con!

Chibi Cthulhu by silverking

Chibi Cthulhu by silverking

Only 5 days left! My weekend will be filled with Buffy-watching and packing to get ready for Dragon*con. How about you?

Make sure that if you plan to participate in the Photo Hunt that you prepare for that, too! You’ll have until 11:59 pm EST on September 13, 2010, to get your photos posted, tagged, and submitted to the Flickr group, but if you submit them during the con, we’ll be featuring a few of our favorites each day on the blog. (So keep an eye on this webspace, too! You can also subscribe to our RSS.) And I don’t personally even care if they’re photos from the hunt or not — you can submit any pictures from Dragon*Con to the group that you want… Just make sure to tag the ones you want to count toward your contest entry with the number of the item on the list that each photo satisfies. Remember that the whole point of this photo hunt is to get pictures from ALL areas of the con — to capture the essence of Dragon*Con, if you will. So if you see something that “defines” Dragon*Con (or is just awesome, funny, cool, interesting, etc.) for you, submit it to the group and maybe it’ll get featured on the blog and/or Twitter.

Here’s what I’ll be doing to get ready to participate in the Photo Hunt during the con*:

Also — a note about the list… If you’re not sure about some of the items on the list, that’s OKAY! It’s to be expected. We tried our best to cover as many of the various areas of geekdom represented at Dragon*Con… We’re not experts on all of this stuff, either. If you’re not sure about an item on the list, you can either do a little research beforehand (if you’re OCD like me) and/or you can ask some fellow con-goers once you get there. I guarantee that even if you don’t know what a D20 roll is or the difference between Silver Age and Golden Age comics, there will be thousands of people in downtown Atlanta for 5 days who can help you out — and would probably be THRILLED to teach someone who wants to know! 🙂

So is there anything I missed? Any other tips you’d like to give your fellow contestants?

* No, I will not be buying myself a $20 thinkgeek.com gift card.


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Welcome to the Dragon*Con Photo Hunt! On our blog, you'll find the rules, list, submission instructions, and prize information. You can also browse submitted photos and see highlights from the contest, updated throughout and after the convention. Take a peek and consider participating in the first annual Dragon*Con Photo Hunt!

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